Payday loan consolidation: Online Application

We help you to consolidate your payday loans.

Image result for combine loanHave you ever heard of Bank service?

Bank has entered the Finnish loan market in early 2017.

Consumers have received the Bank service very well, and in a short time, it has become one of Finland’s most popular services for bidding for loans.

The bank is a 100% domestic service where you can apply for a new loan, compete for old loans, or combine several small loans into one cheaper loan.

The bank is a completely free service where you can combine several loans and installments into one new and cheaper arrangement loan.

You do not have to start bidding for dozens of loan services yourself, but you can give it to the Bank service.

When you leave a loan offer to Bank, it leaves for you to compete with the financial professionals in the financial sector.

When the loan offers are ready, you can get to know them in peace and consider accepting a loan offer.

Bank does all this for you, and for free!

It is possible to request loan offers online 24/7 and asking for a loan does not bind you!

You can apply for a loan right away, even in the middle of the night.

Important information in brief:

  • The age limit is 18 years.
  • Get a Combination Loan for 100 – 60,000 Euros.
  • Choose a 1 to 15-year payment term for a new loan.
  • Bank will provide you with the best online loan offers!
  • The bank is a completely free service for all loan applicants.
  • Bank has quickly emerged as one of Finland’s most popular loan consolidation services.
  • Ask for your free loan offers right away.
  • Asking for a loan does not bind you!
  • You will receive several loans offers with one application.
  • When you complete one loan application, Bank competes with over 20 banks and other financing companies!
  • You do not need collateral or guarantors.
  • Choose free Finnish, choose Bank!
  • An example of a loan: A loan of EUR 10,000, Payment period of 5 years, Monthly payment of EUR 217.50, You pay back EUR 13,050, The actual annual interest rate is 11.76%.

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Who can combine loans with Bank?

Image result for combine loanIt is possible for all Finnish citizens to combine loans when the following conditions are met:

  • You’re an adult.
  • You are a Finnish citizen.
  • You have clean credit information.
  • You have a regular salary or pension income.

How Much Can I Get A Combination Loan?

You can know your options and apply for a consolidation loan completely according to your needs.

However, the total amount of loans to be combined must be between EUR 100 and EUR 60,000.

You can choose the amount of the loan yourself at a rate of 100 euros.

Combining loans is always a good idea!

How long can I get for my new loan?

When you combine multiple overlapping loans, you should choose a slightly longer payment period for your new loan.

By choosing a slightly longer payment period, you get a monthly installment that is small enough.

When you combine your loan with Bank, you can choose between 1 and 15 years for your new loan.

How much does it cost to combine loans?

Combining loans with Bank service is always 100% free.

So you can just ask for a loan for a combination loan and consider making a loan combination.

How do I combine loans?

A few years ago, bundling was quite a complicated project, but not anymore!

The combination of loans is now fast, easy and free.

If you want to combine your own loans with the popular Bank service, you can do it as follows:

  1. Calculate the amount of all your loans to be combined.
  2. Ask for a quote for that amount.
  3. Compare your borrowings with each other, as well as your existing loans.
  4. Choose the most suitable and most affordable combining loan for you and accept the loan offer.
  5. Once you receive a loan to your account, you can pay off all your old loans.

Because I can ask for loan offers?

You can request loan offers online anytime.

Some of the partners in the Bank service are able to deliver their own loan offer around the clock, but part of it is tendered only during the day.

So you can ask for your own loan offers right at your convenience.

Do you need collateral or guarantors for a consolidation loan?

Not required.

All loans that you can apply through the Bank service are fully unsecured loans.

Which Loans Services Can You Combine?

Loans that can be combined through the service include:

  • consumer credit
  • payday loans
  • Flexible credit

That is, practically any old loans.

Neither does it matter which bank or service you have borrowed or in which Finnish bank you have an account.