Auto Loan: Financing Purchase New Cars 2018

Looking for more information on car loan in Italy updated in November 2018 ? You’ve come to the right place! Know that your wishes can turn into reality, and that to do so it is not necessary to use a magic wand, but only a little ‘commitment to find the best loan to buy a […]

New larger loans now available!

  Bank renewed loan amounts and payment times. bank has renewed its loan products. New loans are now available for amounts between 500 and 50,000 euros, with a payout period of 1 to 15 years. The old loan amounts of the Bank service were between EUR 500 and EUR 30,000 and payment periods were between […]

Mortgage loans: How to use the low interest rate

The low interest rate makes mortgage loans very cheap right now. Can you reschedule loans and save interest or lower your performance? How to use the low interest rate on mortgage loans. Interest rates on financial markets are constantly changing, currently the short-term interest rate is negative, and the long-term interest rate is record low. […]

How to save up with your home loan

Do you save up with your mortgage? Both repayments and capital gains can help you get rid of residual debt faster. Choose the right loan and don’t come too late. Low interest rates make it easy to withdraw debt The very low interest rate has made it possible to withdraw very quickly on your residual […]

How to choose the right mortgage loan

Do you have the right mortgage loan? Right now, you can get a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 2%, but thinking about the interest rate when choosing a loan is not enough. What is the right mortgage for you? The interest rate on mortgage loans has fallen to a level so low that it is almost […]

Choose the best mortgage loan

More products in the mortgage market make it more difficult to compare different loans. How to choose the best mortgage loan offer. In recent years, competition in the mortgage market has increased slightly. Bank announced that they would not raise the contribution rates, as the others did so – at least not immediately. Since then, […]

Choose the right mortgage loan

Do you have the right mortgage loan? Does the loan fit your finances? See 3 steps to choosing the right mortgage loan. A Danish mortgage loan is one of the most affordable ways to borrow in the World! This has been the case for a long time, and it is still – despite the considerable […]

Wait with 2.5% mortgage loan

Although it may sound tempting with a 30-year fixed-rate 2.5% mortgage loan, it’s a good idea to wait. The new loan disgraces the predictions of many clever economists. Bank decided to issue a new series of 30-year bonds with a fixed interest rate of 2.5% as the first in the mortgage market. It is historically […]

SU loan: An overview

When you are a student in Denmark, you can receive SU (the state’s education support), which is offered by the state. This monthly amount is a financial aid that you can get while you are a student. This service benefits many students, but it is not always enough to make it all run around. Many […]

What does a loan cost?

  What does it cost to borrow One of the first questions that usually comes up with a loan is; What does it cost to borrow? What it costs to take out a loan can be decisive for whether it is possible to repay the loan. There are many factors that influence and determine how […]

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